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My cartridge isn't showing up on the home screen.

Make sure you are on the home screen, and you can see other icons.

1. Remove the cartridge and re-insert firmly.
2. If the cart still doesn’t show up, the contacts may be dirty. Clean the metal contacts with an eraser.
3. Blow into cartridge to remove dust or debris
4. Blow into cartridge slot on the LeapPad to remove dust or debris
5. Insert and remove cartridge at least 5 times and try it again

If the above steps don't work, try syncing the LeapPad to the LeapFrog Connect application and use the "Repair" feature:

1) Open the LeapFrog Connect application, turn on the LeapPad and connect it on your computer.
2) Wait for the device to establish a connection.
3) Click on the Go button on the name of the child on the LeapFrog Connect.
4) Click on the Settings tab, LeapPad  and then click Repair
5) When repair is complete, click on the eject button on the upper left of the LeapFrog Connect.

Please Note: when you initially connect the device, the Repair button may be grayed out. It may take a couple minutes for all updates to download and the LeapPad to fully connect before these buttons are clickable.

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  • 01-Feb-2016