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How can I get the best battery life out of my child's LeapPad1 tablet?

Both for safety reasons and best battery life, when replacing batteries, please use batteries of the same type.  There are two battery positions in each battery compartment.  All four batteries should be of the same type.
- When installing batteries, please replace all four AA batteries at the same time with fresh batteries.  Replacing only two of the batteries will result in significantly less battery life.  Replacing with used batteries will also result in less battery life.
- For non-rechargeable batteries, alkaline is recommended.  Heavy duty batteries will not last as long.
- For rechargeable batteries, NiMH (nickel metal-hydride) AA batteries of 2000mAH (milli-amp hours) or higher is recommended.  Higher capacity rechargeable batteries will provide longer run times between recharges.  Please recharge your NiMH batteries using the external battery charger designed for your rechargeable batteries.
- Rechargeable batteries will slowly discharge even when not in use; this is normal.  Some batteries may be advertised as low-self discharge.  These will keep their charge better when not in use, and may be recommended if you prefer to pre-charge your rechargeable batteries or if you expect long periods of non-use between play sessions.  
For best battery life, install freshly recharged batteries.  
- When connecting with the computer, please be aware that the USB cable will not power your LeapPad.  
Your LeapPad is powered by batteries or by an optional DC-in adapter (sold separately).  
Using the optional adapter to power your leapPad when connecting with your computer can conserve the charge in your batteries.
- In order to save power, your LeapPad will automatically shutdown after several minutes of non-use.  To conserve even more battery life, please power down your LeapPad immediately after use.

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  • 12-Jan-2016