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How do I set up Wi-Fi if I initially skipped Wi-Fi setup?

To set up or change your Wi-Fi settings, please follow these steps:

1. Power on the LeapTV console.

2. Use your television remote to select the proper input to display LeapTV on your television screen.

3. Use the LeapTV controller to navigate to the Parent Settings gear on the LeapTV Home page, then press the "A" button on the controller:


4. Enter your four digit parent lock code. Note, if you forgot your parent lock code, you may bypass this screen by inputting 1 9 6 <backspace> 8 7

5. Select the gear icon and press the "A" button on the controller enter Settings

6. Select "Network" and press the "A" button on the controller.

7. Locate/scroll to your router and press the "A" button on the controller.

8. Enter your router password, then navigate to "Connect" and press the "A" button on your controller.  Note, letters in your router password will be case sensitive.

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  • 12-Jan-2016